Snapshot - State of the Onion

Apologies to Bloglines and Google Reader people, I cut the RSS feed to a summary to make it harder for thieving spammer weasels to steal my posts.  Hope you like the rotating image at the top of the page (hit refresh to see the others).

It's been a rough couple of weeks.  Normally I try to post three times a week, but things will be lighter through the summer.  This is the current state of play:


Going to the yarn store in the hope of picking up another skein or two in my dyelot because of row gauge issues on Eris.  I'm in the "knit stocking stitch until your head explodes" part of the pattern.  I have a skein of Mama Blue BFL sock yarn wound up but not swatched in case of head explosions, and an Adipose that's missing a leg and a face and a destination address (Bristow, where are you?).  Love how Eris looks now that I can try it on.


Working on 4oz of pin drafted Cormo, undyed white, squishy soft, and lovely to spin.  Slowly filling a bobbin.  I want to try spinning the carbonised bamboo on my lightest spindle and maybe get a support spindle for the Pima cotton Rox sent me.


Urban fairy story #2 is in progress.  I'm secretly hoping someone in the post-NaNo writing group will borrow one of my characters for their story, I love the cross-connections that form between stories.  I know the plot, I just need to get it written.  And come up with a plot for NaNoWriMo this year.  Got a potential setting (Europe circa 850AD) but no-one to put there.

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