In the first episode of season 4 of Doctor Who, there's a creature called an Adipose, made from living fat cells.  The Adipose isn't a bad guy as such, and they're cute little blobs.  Mazzmatazz wrote a pattern for a knitted Adipose and posted it on her website, along with patterns for an Ood, and the Face of Boe.

Then someone started selling Adipose toys on eBay, using Mazz's pattern and photo without permission, violating her Creative Commons license for the pattern.  She reported them to eBay, but the BBC came after her as the source of the pattern (article here, with pictures here).  The Open Rights Group stepped in to help (article here) and there seems to be some resolution, though the patterns are still unavailable.  Unless you happen to have a copy already saved.


I'm not selling this little guy, he was made for a friend.  He was a useful lesson in grafting and picking up stitches.  Used O-Wool Balance from the Vermont Organic Fiber Company, which is 50/50 wool and organic cotton.  It feels nicer than the 100% cotton yarn I've used, but I'm not sure I'd wear something from it next to my skin.  Looks great for the Adipose though.

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