Spin to knit

Spun some more Coopworth Sunday night, it's the colour of really dark chocolate.  The first twenty minutes were spent joining new roving only to have it come apart further back, and trying to ignore the pitiful mew of Quantum outside on the landing.  I lost a lot of singles I'd done last time, but then it just clicked and I was off and spinning.  Got about three quarters of a bobbin done by the end and let the cat in, who looked around and bolted back out.  My wheel is in the back bedroom and both cats are desperate to get in, but it's not the dairy and wheatgrass paradise they're hoping for.

I want to finish the last bobbin of Coopworth and ply it this week to make way for the Finn/alpaca experiment.  I'm planning to hold a piece of alpaca alongside the Finn as I spin, drawing from both at once.  They're similar cream colours so it should look decent.  After that, I'm trying my first merino, a yellow and orange roving that feels soft and springy.  I'm still using the lowest ratio on Chorlton, my Louet S10 DT, but the singles are getting more even.

New Knitty came out on Monday, and there's a KnittySpin interview with Shannon Okey, author of Spin to Knit.  The book comes out in October and I've been planning to get it for a while.  There's going to be a Spin to Knit Handspun Secret Pals swap, one skein in January and another in February, with categories for newbies, intermediate, and advanced spinners.  Signups start October 1st, you have to have a blog to participate, no other details yet.  I think I'll join!

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