Hemp and Lace scarf, take 6

Decided to try the trailing fuchsia lace pattern for the worsted  hemp yarn, and I think it's working.  The Summer 2006 Interweave  Knits was a big help with yarnovers following purl stitches, from part one of  their lace primer.  Totally messed those up on the first try and it looked strange.   Not a hole, more a horizontal stretch of yarn where a hole should have been.   Ditched the wavy scalloped edges and the annoying twisted garter stitch from the Fiber Trends pattern and went with a moss stitch border and slip stitch edges.  The  lace is a nice, simple twenty-row repeat with two mirrored fuchsias, and just knit  and purl on the reverse.  Each trailing fuchsia repeat is 3.25 inches on size 8 needles.

This yarn has been ripped out at least 4 times and shows no signs of wear.  It  is DZined wool, hemp, and mohair  yarn, worsted weight, and using size 8 dpns works well.  Debi comes up with  some beautiful colour combinations.  The yarn also comes in a sportweight version,  I made green socks from that a long time ago.

Fuchsia lace and sock.

I usually knit at lunchtime at my desk.  A co-worker is bored with seeing the  Opal Owl sock (first one is about 4 inches of cuff from completion), so this should  help break things up a little.  I'm taking them both to knitting morning (Brentwood Borders cafe, 10-12), and bringing my camera.

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