St. Louis Blog Bash 2

The King and I was an excellent choice of venue for the second St. Louis Blogbash.  We missed Stone Cold Charles Austin, but the food was great and the company was too.

Roger, it's good to finally meet the man behind the mouth, as it were.  The night was organised by Juan Gato, also in attendance were Hubby and I, Midwest Conservative Journal, Anne Wilson and husband, and No Watermelons.

Juan Gato's shirt was less scary than he had said, until I saw the back of it.  Now that was a scary photo!  I'm still processing the suggestion that I find a (well controlled) gun range and let one off.  Besides the worrying thought that I was one of the few people in school archery class who consistently embedded my arrows in someone else's target, I'd never seen a handgun before July 1997 when we visited America for the first time and they still freak me out.

It's been bugging me for a while, and this morning I finally discovered what all the Google searches for "boba tea" were really looking for when they got distracted by my mention of Boba Fett, the bounty hunter from Star Wars 2 and onwards.  They were looking for black pearl tea, also known as tapioca tea, bubble tea, or boba.  It's black or green tea, with milk and unsweetened fruit syrup, with giant black tapioca balls at the bottom.  Sounds revolting but I really want to try it...

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