Spring Cleaning

I've been clearing out the old projects.  The FIL socks were finished on 27th February.  The Koigu scarf was finished on 3rd March.  The third strip of the leftovers blanket was finished tonight:

Blanket strip three.

This leaves only the Eternal Sweater.  Half a front, one sleeve, sewing up, and I can take this one off the project list.  I really want to finish it this year.  If I do a few rows each day when I get home from work, I can get it done, eventually.  Please God, let there be enough yarn left!  It's the double moss stitch that's killing it for me.  The cable pattern is great, but I'm done with the moss stitch, or seed stitch, or whatever you call it, for at least a decade!

The two projects I'm looking to start next are the Hempathy Seaman's scarf (on hold till Patternworks gets the yarn in), and the Bittersweet Mittens kit.  Haven't chosen a colour for the scarf, still dithering between the Desert Sand and White Beach.  I want a colour that will stand out against the colours I normally wear (purple, blue, and green). I need to work on something almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea socks for a while.

Found a four-week spinning class at my favourite yarn store, to be held in the next month or so.  I'm on the list to be called when it's time to start.  They'll cover drop spindles, plying, and let you use their spinning wheels.  I don't have the room, or the budget, for a wheel at home but it will be fun to try!

Finished reading "Carry on Jeeves" by P. G. Wodehouse on Sunday evening.  It is a rare book that I finish, and immediately pop the bookmark back in at the start.  This one contains the only Jeeves and Wooster story I've seen from the perspective of Jeeves.  Wodehouse is an amazing comic writer and I love his stories.

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