Spinny spinny

I'm never going back.  I have spun merino and it is wonderful!  And a whole heck of a lot easier than that dratted Finn too (finished, plied, and dripping in the bathroom).

Merino singles.

This is Walking on the Sun, from Spunky Eclectic.  Fast shipping, great colour, and it came with candy.  Doesn't get any better than that.  I know it looks uneven, but it's coming unspun in the picture.  It's not superwash, probably going to be enough for a smallish lace scarf.  I think it'll come out sportweight when it's plied, it's happy to be thinner singles than I've done before, with a big whack of twist.  I think my problem has been too little twist, I was afraid of ruining it so I messed it up instead.

I've been listening to two podcasts, Cast On and BritKnitCast while I spin.  Tales of Wales, and a Northern English accent, very nice.  And apparently conducive to halfway decent spinning.

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