Spinning progress

Finished spinning and plying a skein of Coopworth on Sunday, it's mostly consistent, slightly thicker than worsted weight, dark chocolate colour, and soft.  Plied it with a lot more twist than before and it came out good.  Found two breaks in the singles, but they're easily fixable (spit splice anyone?).  I'm really pleased with this skein, it's the best I've done.

Started on my fibre experiment after that, blending Finn wool with alpaca.  Up close, they're the same colour, but it wasn't easy to draft from both pieces at once.  It's thicker than the singles I made from the Coopworth.  There are sections of pure alpaca and 100% wool sections along with the blended parts.  The singles have a halo when the alpaca is present, and it's a very different feel.

Finn is a little harder to spin than the Coopworth but not difficult, straighter fibres and less likely to end up in a tangled glob.  The alpaca feels slippery, like it's going to get away from me.  I've been working up to the good stuff, saving the llama and merino until I can do a consistent skein.  I'd like to try Wensleydale wool, if only for the Wallace and Gromit reference.  I'm pondering what to do for the Spin to Knit Handspun Swap skeins.  Got until January to sort this out but I'd like it to be something special.

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