Spinning FO: Polwarth

Finished a Navajo-plied skein of Polwarth yarn, 126yds of thin sport-weight yard, 2.5 ounces in total.  I really like this skein:

Polwarth 3 ply handspun.

The fibre is undyed Polwarth I got while visiting The Fold last year.  We went out of town for a weekend to see the Chicago aquarium and test-drive some spinning wheels.  I fell hard for the Majacraft Rose, and while I was dithering over the price, I picked out 2 oz of this kitten-soft fibre.  Hubby got the wheel for me as a Christmas gift, and I assembled it on Christmas day 2008.  The yarn is reasonably consistent with a few slubs here and there.  Fresh off the niddy it tried to tangle up on itself, possibly too much plying twist.  A hot soak and some minor abuse solved that.

I love trying new wools and new fibre blends.  Between CVM locks, Dorset, merino/tencel, and alpaca/bamboo, there's enough variety in my fibre box to keep me happy for a long time!  Still trying to perfect my Navajo plying technique, a three ply yarn looks rounded and complete to me, and nicer than a 2 ply.

Next on the wheel is either some Olde Babydoll Southdown, or the suri alpaca I picked up in Kansas City.  I think the alpaca is going to win because I know the name of the alpaca it came from: Bevin.  There's something about knowing the animal's name.  Lorry MacDonald of Blackwater Treasures labelled some of her fibre with the sheep names, I'm looking forward to spinning Gowron and Worf, two of her Shetland fibre wethers (non-breeding males).

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