Fungus the Bogeyman socks

When we lived in Stowemarket, I got a book from the library called Fungus the Bogeyman by Raymond Briggs.  It followed a working bogeyman through his day travelling to the surface of Britain, where his job is to scare the humans.  I raved about how wonderful the book was to my best friend Matthew.  Even at age six or seven, I was a book nerd.  Fungus is a green, portly bogeyman, and the colour of these socks reminds me of the book.

Sock and handspun.

The fan lace pattern doesn't show up well when you're wearing the sock, which is disappointing.  I'll blame it partly on the variegated yarn, but I was hoping for a better defined set of holes.  I'm not ripping it out but it is a lesson for the future.  I'll mirror the pattern for the second sock, there's a definite tilt to the left in the pattern.

Swatching for my Jacob handspun hat, it's high time I used more handspun to knit with.  There is only limited space in my handspun box and this is self-striping.  The Jacob yarn is going to be a rolled-brim hat for me, probably one to be kept at work for when it rains.  I always have a baseball cap in the car, but that's not helpful with getting out to the car in the rain.  Trying to get over the mindset that says handspun is too precious to knit with.  I can spin more yarn.

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