Spinning FO: Gotland and Suri/Bamboo

It's difficult to take pictures because St Louis has been living under thick fog all week.  After a couple of weeks of -15C weather, it's nice to be above freezing but we're definitely missing the sun.  Desktop wallpaper on my computer is a desert scene with blistering sunshine to make up for it.

Finished two skeins last week, all my bobbins are now empty.  Love that the Majacraft Rose comes with four bobbins, but a couple more would be nice.

Fibre: Gotland wool, undyed

Construction: 2 ply

Amount: 138yds, 3oz (54yds in a second skein)

Tool: Majacraft Rose spinning wheel

Gotland wool, 2 ply, 138yds.

This was spun to make a Fishtrap Hat (Ravelry link) from the Arctic Lace book.  I was aiming for sportweight and I got there.  The fibre was slightly felted, but that could be from storage.  Gotland is a hairy wool, the yarn wants to stick to itself. After finishing, I wound and re-skeined it.  The water I washed it in was brown and icky but it came out soft, balanced, and the right weight, this one is a success!  Started it in early January, finished amazingly quickly for me.  The yarn snapped while I was re-skeining it, so I have a separate 54yd skein.

Fibre: Suri alpaca and bamboo, 88/12 blend, undyed

Construction: Andean 2 ply

Amount: 90yds, 1oz

Tool: Majacraft Rose spinning wheel

88/12 Suri alpaca and bamboo.

I spun a half bobbin of this last year and got bored.  Andean plied all of it and got lace weight!  I've never spun that thin before.  Not a lot you can do with that little yarn, but it's a milestone.

Next thing to spin is a skein of Suri alpaca yarn, the fibre is kitten-soft and the colour of toasted coconut.  I haven't made a true 3 ply yet, only Navajo ply, so three 1oz plies is an option.  I have a LOT of alpaca in my stash.

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