Pyroclastic flow

When you're in the lobby of the karate school waiting for group class to start, you can't knit lace with charts, or anything big, so I started a sock with a hemmed top from  Shelridge Farm Soft Touch Ultra in Green Apple.  I got this yarn at the 2007 Maryland Sheep and Wool festival.  It is spun from worsted-carded fibre which makes it springy and soft, and the colour is perfect to balance the grey slushy outdoors. There's a trend for sock patterns with arch shaping lately:

Pyroclastic socks.

I chose Pyroclastic, but I'll mirror the cables on the second sock (k2tog instead of ssk).  My socks have to mirror, even if the colours don't match up.  I tried alternating left and right cables and it didn't look right.  There is some biasing because of all the ssk decreases, I'm hoping it will even out after the heel.

There's a cat off the top right of the photo, he was interested in the yarn and the cord of the needle.  Didn't bite anything, just sat, in the way, until I took his photo.  Then he wandered off again.

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