Spinnable plant fibres

Found a great thread on the Spinning Fiber LJ community, The voice of experience: "Share with us something you know now as an experienced spinner that you wished you knew when you were starting out."  Excellent tips, most notably slow down and relax.

I've spun wool, silk, and a merino/yak blend so far, but no plant fibres yet.  Woodland Wool Works delivered these three on Thursday and as soon as I finish the silk, I'll be starting one of them.  Any advice on spinning plant fibres?

Plant fibres.

The grey is Black Diamond carbon top, which is carbonised bamboo fibre.  It looks elegant, there's a micro-crimp to the fibre, and it's surprisingly heavy.  Pictures of this spun up are beautiful.

The cream is 2 oz of Silk Latte, made from milk protein.  It is ridiculously shiny, even more than silk.  Feels dry and does not smell of cheese, not even a little.

The bluish one is 4 oz of Blue Sky Carded, which is cotton with recycled blue jeans carded in.  The look reminds me of loft insulation but it's puffy soft.  I hope the jeans were clean when they shredded them.

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