Spin, coin, knit

Tried spinning my silk hankie on Friday, using the Knittyspin article as a guide.  I'm amazed at the results!  It is so easy to spin, even easier than the Coopworth, and it's shiny.  Shiny and beautiful.  It gets stuck to your hands, especially if your skin is even slightly rough, but the drafting is all done in advance so it's fast.  This is three layers worth, sat on the rest of the raw material.  I'm planning to ply this and knit a square, a real silk hankie (but not for nose-blowing).

Silk and old coins.

Visited a store I've been driving past for about eight years and found Old English treasure.  The big coin on the spindle is a 1928 King George V English penny.  The penny was a monster of a coin with Brittania on one side and the relevant monarch on the other.  I dug this out of a tub of foreign coins, sat it in a bath of Coke for a while, and it is now also shiny.  The yellow coin is a 1952 three pence piece, and the little silver one is a 1957 sixpence.  Quite why the coins got smaller in size as they got larger in value I don't know.  I also got a one and two shilling coin, the only ones I'm missing now from the pre-decimal era are the farthing, the old halfpenny, and the half crown, anyone have spares?

Knit group suffered a small setback, there is currently no cafe at Brentwood Borders due to remodelling!  If it's back next month, we'll return, if not we'll go to St Louis Bread Co again.  The usual suspects turned up and a good time was had by all.

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