Second time around

Left Ear: Oh... dude got dogs, man. I don't do dogs. I-I had a bad experience.

Charlie: What happened?
Left Ear: I had. A bad. Experience. D**n it, I'm deaf.

Quote from The Italian Job

Once upon a time there was some sock yarn.  Good yarn, a very pretty Fortissima Colori, but it hated me and refused to be either of the two pairs of socks I tried to turn it into.  I ended up giving it away to someone in Texas and I never heard from it again, not even the promised picture of completed socks.  That was over a year ago.

Today I picked up some more Fortissima Colori Mexiko at Myer's House yarn store.  We'll see how it goes this time.  Hubby's socks are nearly finished and I'm doing the Fiber Trends pumpkin hat next, but then I'll try the Fortissima.  It's not making socks for me, maybe that'll help.  And I won't subject the yarn to double points this time.  It's going to work.

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