Sounds of destruction

There have been horrible noises coming from the downstairs of my house since 9am.  Today is Door Installation day.  The new front and back doors we ordered sometime last year were finished last week and there are three men doing the work.

It's not the first big home improvement project we've done here, and the doors really needed replacing.  It's the hammering and the drilling and the gaping holes where doors used to be that bother me.  Once they're all done, we'll have some painting to do, inside and out.

So I'm sat in the study, logged on to the work network and trying to ignore the noise by playing loud music.  The cats are shut in the back bedroom, one of them hiding under the bed, the other under the quilt.  I want my quiet house back.


It's done, it looks fabulous!  They cleaned up after themselves, just needed a light vacuuming for the finishing touches.

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