Badgers badger badger

BBC News: Secret lives of badgers revealed.

The subterranean secrets of badgers have been revealed by a BBC film crew.  Over two years, tiny cameras placed deep underground recorded the comings and goings of a wild badger family.  While the animals have been well studied outside of their setts, until now, little has been known about their behaviour while underground.  Never-before-seen behaviour was filmed, including the badgers diligently making their beds each evening  before leaving the setts for a night of foraging.  The crew also captured newborn cubs on camera, as well as grooming and fighting between the older animals.
Badger badger badger.

I love badgers.  The article says that during a thunderstorm there were a bunch of adults and a cub together in one chamber of the sett, and the cub put its paws over its  ears at the thunder.  There are links to several video clips in the article, and a link to a Badger cam too.  It's only active around dusk in the UK, but they have archived pictures.

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