Something blue

I have two light blue scarves in progress.  One is Juno Regina, using Conjoined Creations Pastimes, a soy lace weight.  I've never knit with lace weight before and it's weird.  I can't snap the yarn by hand, it's like knitting with a cross between dental floss and beading wire.  The lace looks like cat puke, to quote Andrea, but lace

always looks bad before blocking.  It's a rule.  Finished the first repeat of chart two and dithered about what to use for my lifeline. It's been a while since my last big lace project.

Two blue scarves.

The other scarf is Vintage Velvet (from Scarf Style), using Muench Touch Me, and it's going a lot faster.  Love the idea of a reversible cabled scarf.  The yarn sheds a little, and you're supposed to felt it when it's complete.  It has 28% wool in it, does it end up one third felted?  Knitted up it feels heavy, has a lot of drape, and so soft! Nearly through the second ball, three more to go, it's looking like it'll be a 60 inch scarf, though narrower than I normally wear.

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