Socks and pancakes

Finished the FIL socks last night, they'll probably get mailed to England at the weekend, along with the leftovers in case of darning. There's a lot of yarn leftover.  I liked working with KnitPicks Sock Landscape and Sock Memories, but I prefer socks that can go through the washing machine for myself.

Picked up strip three of the leftovers blanket for lunchtime knitting.  I'll sew up what I have once this one is done, so I'm starting the new ball of pink Debbie Bliss Cashmerino before the navy Kroy is all used up.  The Cashmerino was going to be a cabled hair band, but I thought it might look like tangled intestines and put the yarn away for another project.  If I sew it up and weave the ends in as I go, there's less unpleasant stuff to do at the end.  Maybe that's why I like knitting socks: no sewing.

Lent starts tomorrow, so today was Pancake Day in England, marked by the eating of crepe-style pancakes (not buttermilk ones) with lemon and sugar.  Pancake flipping is an art I never mastered, so I use the cowardly spatula-assisted flipping method.

English Pancakes
  • 1 cup of flour
  • 3 eggs
  • 1.25 cups of milk
  • pinch of saltToppings:

    Lemon juice and sugar, maple syrup, brown sugar, fresh fruit and cream, honey, banana and nutella, use your imagination!

Sift the flour, whisk up the batter, and let it stand for a half hour to let some of the bubbles out.  Wipe some oil across a pan with sloped sides using a paper towel.  Pour some batter into the pan, and tilt the pan to spread out the batter.  When one side is golden brown, flip the pancake, or wimp out and use a spatula to turn it over.   Serve with lemon juice and sugar, or make a stack of pancakes with brown sugar between each layer and serve slices like a pie.  Wipe the pan with oil between pancakes.
Makes about six pancakes, if one is really thick and one is amazingly thin.

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