Name that road

BBC News: Psycho Path 'craziest' road in US.

A street in the US state of Michigan has won the dubious honour of being chosen as the most bizarrely named of more than 2,500 entries. Psycho Path won first prize in a competition run by an American website. Divorce Court (off Easy Lane) in Pennsylvania and Farfrompoopen Road in Tennessee were runners-up in the Wild, Weird and Wacky Street Names contest.  In the US, owners of private roads can register whatever name they choose with the local authorities.  Marty Padgett, editor of, said "Psycho Paths" were apparently popular in the US, after receiving several similar entries.

There are some more street names in the rest of the article, and some great intersections.  There's a Prince Albert Drive in town.  I could never live there even though it's a nice part of town.  What were they thinking?

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