I left my first ever Tour of

Creve Coeur multi-cache on April 27th.  Coco was picked up yesterday and is

heading for Chicago.  Hopefully from there he could leave the country and fulfill his mission of visiting New Zealand and the UK.

The cat-on-a-leash experiment has concluded successfully, with one cat outside sniffing around the yard.  We progressed from the flailing demon stage (trying to put the harness on), through the cat possessed stage (cat trying to remove harness) to the cat outside stage.  I'd try it with the other cat, but I think he remembers the last time he was outside, when he got abandoned as a kitten, and it still freaks him out.

Saw The Matrix Reloaded yesterday, the geek quotient in the room was way above normal thanks to Hubby's work providing free tickets for a whole pile of the software development team.  Great film, horribly abrupt end, and do not leave until after the credits or you'll miss the trailer for November's The Matrix Revolutions.

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