Sifting through the trash

Poland, the Slovak Republic, Greece, Portugal, Taiwan, Denmark, South Africa, Italy, Argentina, Sweden, the Russian Federation, Pakistan, Singapore, America and the United Kingdom.  All countries that have sent spam email to me, according to the email headers.  Argentina is the worst offender, and they're usually in Spanish.  If it was in French, I might have a chance at understanding.  If it was in German, I could pick out a few words.  With Latin, I could understand numbers up to ten.  Spanish I know next to nothing of, never studied it at school or since.  I've got Postini set on "stop and search really carefully" mode and some still gets through.  Not much, but one or two a week.  Probably four to ten are caught in the trap each week, plus an occasional virus, three so far this week.  There's a morbid fascination with what trash and infected junk you've been sent.

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