Shawl, socks, and a novel

Finished the Prairie Shawl last night.  I think it will grow when it's washed.  Fingering-weight shawls appeal to me, but it's a whole lot of knitting to do with teeny yarn.  After the lace scarf of  Faina and the Eternal Sweater are done, then I'll make one.  Litla Dimun is a top-down Faroese shawl from Cheryl Oberle's  Folk Shawls, designed for lace-weight yarn, but  KnitPicks Sock Garden would make a bigger shawl and they have cool colours.  That'll be my second shawl, I never thought I'd own even one.

Next project starting is a pair of socks for Roxanne.  Socks are the perfect portable project, and who doesn't like hand-knit socks that fit perfectly?  Plus at the start of a toe up sock it looks like I'm making a demented wind chime.  I was browsing the Yarn Harlot's second book in Borders and she said that each piece of knitting represents a chunk of my life.  These socks will represent several lunchtimes, a dentist visit (the LAST one), and the Knit Night at my house tonight.  Hubby is going out for the evening so the only male in the house will be a neutered orange tomcat.  He'll probably go hide under the bed.

Lunchtime knitting will go out of the window in November, I'll be in the cafeteria writing my novel.  As long as there's no wireless network, I'll be fine.  Jer's NovelWriter is helping me plan.  The database and outline tools are great, my last novel didn't have chapter breaks.  The new one has 21 chapters in three acts and my goal is to have an outline for each chapter before I start writing, which I can then ignore.  Love the Mac's "print to PDF" ability.  Normal printing is slower than I was expecting, I still miss the right mouse button, but overall I LOVE the Mac!  Roll on  NaNoWriMo on November  1st!

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