Self harm

This BBC article caught my eye: Self-harm 'growing issue for men'.  The article is focussed on the pressures on men and that they are turning to self-harm to cope.  Has anyone noticed that females do this for too?  A couple of quotes from the article:

Young men are increasingly turning to self-harm in response to abuse and confusion about their role in society, doctors have said.  The warning comes as a new set of guidelines is issued urging doctors and nurses to treat self-harmers with the same respect as any other patient.  Triggers for men and women can include abuse in childhood, domestic violence or the breakdown of a relationship.
Self-harm is the third largest cause of death in 10- to 13-year-olds, Dr Kendall said, and is also an increasing phenomenon among young men aged 20 to 35.  "There's a rise amongst men probably in part because of problems about role confusion," he said.  "Over the last 20 years it's become less and less clear what's valuable about being a bloke.   Also we've gone through long periods where it's been quite difficult for young men to get jobs, so there's a big issue in that sense.  The culture for blokes means they are much less likely to discuss the sorts of things like emotional problems - they are more reticent than women."

Overall it's a decent article, but it bugs me that self-harm is news because more men have started doing it.

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