Mystery tour!

One week of work to go, then we're on vacation!  I have no idea where we're going, but I know what we're doing.  It's our ninth wedding anniversary, and every three years we go to see a certain show (I'm not saying which one so no-one can spoil the surprise).  Nine years ago we saw it at Her Majesty's Theatre in London in front row seats as a wedding present.  Hubby has been planning this vacation for months and I love it when he plans.  I won't find out where we're going until we get to the airport.  He said it's somewhere we haven't been before, and it's Continental US, he's been telling me it's Alaska for weeks.  This is a map of the places I've been to or driven through in the six years we've been in the US, it's none of these places:

States I've visited.

We have a great house sitter staying with the cats, the lawn guys will take care of

the yard, all we need is some kind soul to get us to the airport for 8am on Sunday.  Any volunteers?

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