Salmon Days

Someone is making a pay-per-view series about the BOFH.  The trailer has some great quotes.

Beware of anything claiming to be good news, because it's probably a virus.

You don't need to spend long in Tech support before the BOFH becomes your hero.  I had to contend with the &quot'I don't care if it's lunch time, I'm so important and you're a lowly worm, so you stay here until it's fixed" the person pointing at a laser printer and asking me to explain how to work the photocopier, the &quot'My laptop's not charging!"  Of course it wasn't charging you silly man, it wasn't sat in the docking station properly.  And this from a high up in the "technology" department.  The best part of that job was the Construction department.  They didn't like computers, and they didn't pretend they did, or that they knew more about them than Intel and Micro$oft put together.  And they had learnt the magic phrase that gets you just about anything: "Thank you."

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