Starting work on an acceptable user behaviour statement, with help from one of the users.  I wish there was some way to make people read the help files, the usual lament of tech support ("It's in the flipping help file!  Can't you READ?!  Oh, your cup holder is broken now?  Was that a 48 speed cup holder, or a combination DVD ROM cup holder?  Please hold...").

There was a Christian Depression Pages long before there were CDP message boards.  It would be really depressing to say "Look, that person there destroyed our ministry,"  but the bulk of the site is still exactly where it was, still racking up more hits than the boards did, still helping people.  I think we will bring the boards back eventually, maybe even work out how to integrate them into the static part of the site.  Like Olof said, "CDP did the most for me long before the message boards started."

I'm thinking a fixed width web design, with DHTML menus, lots of CSS to cut down on the actual HTML code, XHTML 1.0 compliant (that'll be fun).  Even (shock! horror!) a different background image.

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