Red Dwarf

I'm in a quotes mood.  This is from the season five episode Quarantine

LISTER: What is he capable of?
(On the wall behind them is a glass-fronted fire cabinet containing a large axe. The lock on the cabinet flips open.)KRYTEN: Well, we've seen hex vision. Almost certainly, like Lanstrom, he'll be capable of telepathy and possibly even telekinesis.

CAT: Tele-kiny-what-a-noose?

(The glass cover of the cabinet swings open. The axe begins to twitch.)
KRYTEN: The ability to move objects purely by the power of the mind.
(The axe flies from the cabinet, narrowly missing CAT and LISTER and slamming into KRYTEN's back.)LISTER: Kryten, man, are you OK?

KRYTEN: I have a medium-sized fire axe buried in my spinal column. That sort of thing can really put a crimp on your day.

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