Reasons why

Why am I keeping this blog?  I know a couple of people who are reading it (Iceland and UK show up in the web stats, so does Germany, though I'm fairly sure I don't know anyone there.)  It's probably half development journal for Chronicle, half brain dump.

Harper: "It's half mystical mumbo jumbo, half putrid poetry, and half bad math."

Rommie: "That's three halves."

Harper: "Like I said, bad math."
Andromeda, episode "It Makes A Lovely Light"

Andromeda has had some very good quotes, many of them given to the character Seamus Harper.  This one is from the episode "Harper 2.0"

Harper: "Enlighten you? The Divine is good, don't do flash, and if you're nice to people, they probably still won't be nice to you. Now run along kids, Daddy's working."

Legal whatnot: The quotes aren't mine, they came from the writer's of Gene Roddenbery's Andromeda, I just liked them a lot.

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