Rant Box

Taxi drivers who sat outside a house at midnight and honk their horn instead of getting up and walking the twenty paces to knock on the door should have their horns removed.  From the taxi.  You know what I meant.

I'm stressed about going to the dentist, but I knit myself into a wrist-ache!  Now I can't even knit to de-stress myself for a couple of days while it relaxes.  Bah, humbug.  It's my right wrist, and I can't write as fast left-handed.

Weather.  Don't give me that stupid snow that's gone by lunchtime, or the sword-blade icy wind, give me the 40C heat and humidity, the heat that soaks into your bones and makes you feel like you're floating in chocolate.  I'm done with winter, I want summer NOW!

Where is my cat when I come in after work?  Lazing on the bed, not getting up to meet me, waiting for me to go to her.  I want to be a cat, but with opposable thumbs and decent fingers.  Claws wouldn't go amiss either.

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