Random walk

Cats curled up in the same bed and snoozed together, Quantum licked the new kitten, all was happy and fuzzy for a while.  Then she jumped on him again and started wrestling.  Most undignified.  Today was their first full day together.  Photographic proof:

cats in a basket.

Why does FedEx feel the need to put this on their envelopes:

Do not ship liquids, blood, or fluids in this packaging.

Who honestly thinks about shipping a pint of blood in a cardboard envelope?  Assuming you had a pint of blood handy in the first place, yours or someone else's.  Does this mean that if you get a paper cut and bleed on a letter they won't take it?  I don't even want to think about "fluids."  Fluids and liquids, one of them is superfluous, isn't it?

Tangle doesn't mew, he goes "mrp."

You lot are landing on this site through some really weird Google searches.

I'm following the grand tradition of ex-H4 women with employment authorisation cards and working in a bank.  I knew I'd use that Physics degree someday.

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