News Roundup

BBC News report: Tea 'to join health menu'

Tea could soon join fruit and vegetables on the list of must-have health foods.  Recent studies have suggested the traditional cuppa protects against a range of conditions including cancer, heart disease and Parkinson's.  But scientists in the United States now believe that the health benefits are so great that everyone should be urged to drink tea.

Turkish police seize smuggled uranium, 33 pounds of the stuff.  That's a lot, and all of it weapons grade.  It came in from Eastern Europe.  Good on the Turks for stopping it this time, and again last year, but this stuff isn't destructive like guns or tanks, this stuff is destructive like Hiroshima.  How much uranium and plutonium is floating around in Eastern Europe looking for a buyer?

Rabid bat bites woman in Lancashire.  Europe has rabies.  Britain does not, thanks to the quarantine laws.  Build an underground tunnel from a country that has rabies to a country that does not, and you can't expect Britain to stay rabies free for long.  Bats aren't bothered about the electrified grid at the entrance to the tunnel.  Bats carry rabies, and how the heck do you vaccinate something small and fast moving that eats bugs?  Foxes you can get with vaccinated meat, but bats?

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