Random spells

From the Grimoire Of Questionable Spells, one of many generators on a fun website.  These are the best I got from several sets it generated.

Prismatic Armor of Yarn

Puddle of Grumpiness

Astral Storm of Cabbage

Tickle Toothpaste Dragon

Invoke Dandruff

Pool of Cotton

Conceal Earwax Demon

Zone of Cheese

Coffee Storm

Induce Baldness

Ethereal Spout of Cream

Control Pudding Entity

Ultimate Curse of Ramen

Armor of Drunkenness

Burning Globe of Flatulence

Bind Editors
Holy Zone of Belching

There are many other generators of random stuff on the site, best ones I found were the writing challenge generator ("The story is set in a vault. The story takes place in the afternoon. The story must have a vampire in it. The story must involve a vest. A character builds a house") and the evil animal minion generator ("Release the mind-controlled psychic cyborg shrimp with the ability to walk up walls!").

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