Project round up

You never know what you have going on until you get it all in one place.


My Eris cardigan is still languishing, sleeveless, and waiting for the hem to be finished.  Must complete this one by the end of the year!  Hold me to that, maybe I need a weekly Eris report to keep me on track...

Finished the knitting part of the Lumiére Midi scarf in handspun Polwarth.  It's over-plied in places, and somewhat uneven, but it looks good overall.  This is my third useful project made from handspun yarn.

Also working on a pair of Pillar socks in Panda Soy.  The yarn is no more splitty than Panda Cotton was, and feels soft and cool.  Added a plain hemmed top, ribbing on the back, and moved the lace panel towards the centre a few stitches.  Thought I could live with the extra loop of yarn pulled through to the back from an earlier glitch, but I ended up ripping out an inch and a half of work and re-doing it.  I feel a lot better for that!

Next in line is a Flutter Scarf from MimKnits in Skylark Yarns Les Oiseaux.  The yarn is a laceweight alpaca/soy blend and the store is closing so grab some before it's all gone!  I ordered mine last week.  Also planning another Jacob handspun Halfdome, a Whimsy Kerchief in handspun suri/Icelandic, and a pair of "Christmas red" socks for Heather.


Two projects in progress with two new-to-me techniques. and I don't have the bobbins to complete both at the same time.  That's what you get from re-reading copies of Spin-Off magazine!

I've started a 3-ply yarn, made with three separate plies instead of Navajo plied, using undyed Targhee roving.  Spinning this crazy-thin so the end product isn't bulky weight.  Targhee feels like a softer version of Jacob.

The other project is a cabled yarn, using Gales Art black BFL in the Black Cherry colour.  The singles will have to be crazy-thin again, as this ends up a 4-ply yarn.  You spin two sets of 2-ply yarn, re-ply the 2-ply yarns with more twist, then cable the two yarns together to balance out the extra plying twist.  Haven't started spinning for this yet, though the fibre is lovely to look at.


Vaguely thinking about my NaNoWriMo story for November.  Had a great idea back in June, with a lot of help from Hubby, and I still love it, wondering about the execution.  This won't swing into gear until late September or early October.

Completed two first person viewpoint short stories this year for our post-NaNo writing group, and I'm pleased with both.  Hubby used one as his audition for Escape Pod, and he's now on the list of readers.  I'd love to have one of my stories on that podcast!

(Escape Pod is the podcast for science fiction short stories, Pod Castle is for fantasy, and Pseudopod is for horror, all are worth listening to, and they pay for submissions.)


I never though I'd learn crochet.  Even patterns for amigurumi Cthulhu weren't enough to tempt me to the dark side, but I needed a crochet edging on my Polwarth scarf.  First attempt was a mangled lump, second was a triangle that was supposed to be a square.  Rox said to do an extra stitch at the end of each row to prevent the decreases, and Andrea said to work in the back of the first stitch on the second row to make the turn easier.  Ruth is hopefully going to help me with the scarf edging at knitting morning on Saturday.

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