Project plans 2007


I've assembled enough leftover sock yarn to do another strip of the Leftovers blanket.  Lorna's Laces, Twisted, Opal Rainforest Owl, and Fortissima Mexico, I think there's enough for a full strip.  Half a sleeve remains for the Eternal Sweater, I want to finish that project this year and stick some of that yarn in the blanket too.

Also want to try these Pirate mittens.  I haven't done a complete Fair Isle project and this looks like a good place to start. Might change the colours a bit, charcoal background and pale green, blue, or pink for the skulls.  Been meaning to make the DNA scarf for a while now too.  I love cables.


Navajo plying.  Seen it on blogs, read about it, haven't tried it yet.  It would be great to preserve the colour sequence on hand painted roving.  And work on getting thinner singles, hopefully spinning some 2 ply fingering weight by the end of the year.


My second meeting with my Tapestries guy is next Friday.  It's going to take a while to get all his stories written down.  The challenge is to write how he speaks, he's German, and I'm English.  Eight pages of notes became about 1700 words, or one NaNoWriMo day of work.  Except this gets edited as I go along and the quality will be better.

And then there's NaNoWriMo. I want to try a murder mystery in a science fiction setting.  There's no plot bunny on the horizon, not even a main character, but it's ten months till that becomes a problem.  I'm editing my 2006 novel for a reprint on Lulu (one copy for me, one for Mr Bristow), and it's not that bad.  2005's effort was not worthy of a print copy, but the 2004 novel will be edited for print later in the year.

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