Big project ahead.  I'm working on a redesign of the Christian Depression Pages website.  This is an eighty-plus page site in English, with Icelandic translations of parts of it.  I have one of the easy English sections done but there are seven more English sections, five Icelandic sections, testing, possibly a database for the books, some minor edits throughout, and fine-tuning on the look and feel.  I've been planning this for a while, and it'll take some time to complete.

Christian Depression Pages logo.

I created the site in 1996.  It's been on four different servers, finally coming to rest as a Alliance Ministry.  It was my first ever web page and it's an important issue to me.  Clinical depression can be a living nightmare and there are a lot of misconceptions about it.  The site is my attempt at educating people.  It includes personal stories, general information, Bible studies, articles, question and answer sections, and things people say to Christians with depression.

If I can do a few pages a night, the bulk of the work should be done in a couple of weeks.  This is going to cut into blogging time, so I will post less until the redesign is done.  If I don't, someone knock me upside the head and get me back to work.  I'll try and post progress reports.

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