CDP Redesign Progress

Thirty seven files down, forty seven files in four sections to go.  That'll finish off the English side, plus fixing the issue with the langauge switch widget.  On the plus side, it'll be way easier next time I want a site redesign, and the HTML is prettier.  But how many people (besides me) ever look at the HTML of a site?  I want the thing to look clean inside and out.  I'm using a CSS layout from the Layout Reservoir.

I get to do some of the minor edits as I go, nothing major needed changing.  Testing will be a bear.  Wonder if the Mac store will mind if I go there for Mac user testing?  Yup, I'm brain-fried.  Between this and yard-work, I'm going to work for a rest.

It's good to go over the material again.  I'm looking forward to doing the Bible studies section, even though it's ten quote-intensive files that will need serious tidying.  HomeSite and UltraEdit are my friends.  FileZilla will be my new best friend when I get an account on the test server and start uploading.  The joys of having a test server.  Never had one of those to play with before.  It can only be good.

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