Postini: say bye bye to junk email

Words cannot adequately express my feelings on this.  My main email address is being protected from junk email and other obnoxiousness by Postini.  Incoming email is routed through their servers, viruses are quarantined, junk mail is detained for 14 days.  My approved senders list has been stocked with the people I actually want to hear from, so their email will always get through.  But anything else is subject to filtering.  Any get rich quick schemes, any "special offers," anything racially insensitive and anything explicit gets caught in the net.  Any junk that gets past their filters will be sent straight back, with full headers, to help improve their system.  With several thousand people using their service, one forwarded mail from me can protect thousands from ever hearing from that particular spammer again.  Power to the people!

Now I find myself in the unique position of actually wanting to get sent some junk email so I can see it get caught.  No more junk from that stupid Christian coffee company.  No more junk mail in Spanish from that Argentine bunch.  No more junk mail saying "you asked to be sent this email" or "this is a one-time mailing."  Liar, there's no such thing as a one-time spam attack.  No more junk mail, period.  End of story.

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