Pocket full of random

I do most of my knitting at lunchtime, very irritating to get out of the car at work and realise I left my knitting bag at home.  Current sock is made from allegedly "self-striping" yarn (Fyberspates BFL), but three stripes per sock is going to look a bit odd.  Definitely going to be fraternal socks, not identical.

Fourteen moves and one kata down on the Tracy's orange belt list (plus a kata from the next belt up).  I may not be totally proficient at each move, but it's in my notebook and I can more or less reproduce it.  I'm having way more fun with karate than just pushing weights in the gym.  Can I get my orange belt before the first weekend of May?

Over halfway through spinning the merino silk on my Majacraft wheel, it's going to be a 2 ply yarn.  I have Christmas present batts from Rox to spin next, merino and seacell in a light blue/purple colour called "Sun-bleached Grover".  Love the name!  How do you spin batts?

I'm done with winter.  Ironic that Buckinghamshire's record-breaking -10C cold was warmer than St Louis that morning (we had -12C).  But it's not a record here, it's just cold.  -5C in England felt Arctic, -5C in St Louis feels merely cold.  -5C in St Louis after an hour-long karate class doesn't even feel cold.

Said goodbye to Chorlton, my Louet S10 wheel, on Tuesday.  It went to a new spinner called Matthew who is really excited about it.  Threw in some Romney to get him started.  Two wheels felt very indulgent, and I hadn't touched the Louet since the Majacraft arrived.

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