Orange belt!

I've been learning Chinese Kenpo at Tracy's Karate Studio since 17th November 2008 and I passed my orange belt test yesterday.  There is a photo of me wearing the new belt on the wall of the studio, and I have a certificate to prove my rank.  Had to pledge to use karate only for good and not evil, which felt a little like Spiderman and Uncle Ben.  I was given my white belt when I signed up, I had to earn my orange belt.

For the test I had to demonstrate two katas (set piece forms), twenty techniques, answer questions, and show kicks and punches.  The techniques were ways to get out of a situation where an opponent had grabbed me, or was about to hit me.  Most of the techniques I did in the air, a couple I did on my instructor, Karen.

Hubby brought carrot cake cupcakes and added orange icing to them as a surprise.  He also brought me an orange drink, all things orange.  And now we start sparring!  With protective gear, and it's not about hurting your opponent, just sneaking past their guard to tag them.  Karen says it's fun.

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