There was about 2 inches of powdery snow on my car Thursday morning.  Going to work, I ended up behind a BMW 745i, probably this year's model.  It was covered in snow, all the driver did was turn on the wipers and clear a small square in the front windows to see the mirrors.  Back windscreen, back windows and most of the front windows were still covered in snow.  First off, this guy has a new BMW but no garage to put it in, secondly he's too lazy to even clear off the back screen, which is a problem because those mirrors weren't much use after a couple of miles on the highway.  And he's bombing along at 60mph

on the slush-ridden road, barely able to see.

"Internet Banking is currently experiencing technical difficulties.  Our
technical staff is aware of the problem and is working aggressively to restore

I can picture the techs aggressively growling at their screens, stomping around the office, and having fist-fights at the copier.  I'd prefer they worked calmly, things might get fixed faster.

From "Bulletproof Monk":

"Why do hot dogs come in packages of ten, but hot dog buns only come in packages of just eight?"

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