Now, 12 May 2023

Devoured the first Monk and Robot book from Becky Chambers, "A Psalm for the Wild-Built," and I plan to get hold of the sequel, "A Prayer for the Crown-Shy." It's a delightful read, hopeful and captivating.

Taking a slower trip through Sharon Blue's book, "Self-care is not a bubble bath," which I picked up at the Midwest Fiber Festival and Sharon was kind enough to sign for me. There are thoughtful prompts in the book that I want to write about in my journal.

Thinking about
In April we had to say goodbye to TJ Max Planck, my fuzzy therapy cat. He had lymphoma and we couldn't save him, so he died at the vet with Paul and me holding him. I miss him. He was five years old.

Passed the halfway point on my master's program in data science with a 4.0 GPA! Working on class 7 of 12 now, Deep Learning.

In late June we will be welcoming a kitten into the house. Hunter the Savannah cat is silver with black spots and ears you could pick up satellite TV on.

Craft and Creating
I took a class on inkle weaving from Roiana Buckmaster at the Midwest Fiber Festival in April, and it was fun! I have produced two inkle bands so far, the second is less uneven than the first, so I have some progress. Looking to use these as handles for hand-sewn bags, or key chain tags, or decorative trims on bags. Or bracelets. The fabric produced is surprisingly sturdy, and mercerised cotton is about indestructible.

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