Now, 23 December 2022

This is a Now post, something I do periodically as a snapshot.

Thinking about
The YearCompass, which I saw linked on a Mastodon post and downloaded. It is a guided retrospective and plan ahead in PDF format with fields you can type in. It is a LOT of work to fill out and I'm not sure how much use the 2023 part would be, but I'll give it a try.

In St Louis today the temperature was a low of -20°C with windchill of -32°C. Of course I went out in it, lunch with a dear friend, hugs and laughter. The cold wasn't as bad as I expected, the car started without problems, even if the gearbox did feel like it was full of glue. That got better when the engine warmed up.

I have some time off over the Christmas holiday. Not as much as I'd planned because I have to do reviews for my 17 direct reports, plus another 7 feedback requests by January 4th, but some time.

My sleep is so much better than it was in September and October. My Fitbit tells me so with a nice objective 'sleep score.'

Re-reading "Wyrd Sisters" by Terry Pratchett, Discworld #6, Witches sub-series #2. Pratchett is my comfort read, and I never followed the witches sub-series all the way through like I did with the Ankh-Morpork City Watch sub-series and DEATH sub-series. There are 6 books in the series and I only vaguely recall two of them.

Craft and Creating
Weaving two linen/cotton kitchen towels, with some special ones planned for the next warp using cotton with the colour grown in, natural brown and green colours that were bred out of modern cotton to make it easier to dye.

Knitting a neck scarf, a hooded cowl, and a cardigan from Missouri Rambouillet yarn. Planning a hooded scarf next with some yarn from a Targhee ram called Apollo who lives in Washington state.

Moving my blog off WordPress and onto Ghost is a big change. I can control the look better in Markdown, the export is a big JSON file, and the dashboard is a whole lot simpler and more to my liking. I don't have to fight with the system to do what I want.

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