Novelling Snapshot

Reached 40,000 words on Wednesday 19th and I'm only partway through chapter nine of twelve, looks like I'm writing a 60,000 word story.  But it's moving along nicely and I hope to write "The End" by November 30th.

The story has no knitting content whatsoever, but I did include a karate move I learned from my instructor Karen, who is all kinds of awesome.  No-one told me punching, blocking, and kicking was this much fun!  I would never have tried karate if it wasn't for Jim, who we met through NaNoWriMo, and I really want to keep going with it.  Karen didn't even snigger when I missed a kick and fell on my behind.  Thanks Jim, I'm loving it!

My reward for reaching 50,000 words on my novel will be a fuzzarelly bunny batt, and a bump of Panda top (merino, bamboo, nylon) from Susan's Spinning Bunny.  I've never spun a batt, and never spun angora, much less a merino/angora/silk blend in perfect sunset colours.

Next to my shared office is a small conference room I've been camping in at lunchtimes to write.  I can get 1100 words done in 45 minutes on a good day.  The light is on a motion sensor, and unless I sit in exactly the right spot, it'll go out after ten minutes or so, until I stand up and wave my arms.

The St Louis region is holding at #30 on the all-nations novelling score board, but we're flunking in our word wars.  Everyone but Columbia MO is beating us on words per person. I'm hoping my guys push their word counts up over Thanksgiving.

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