Newsflash: Novelist killed by deadline

Sugar free Redbull first thing in the morning is a bad idea.  I'm still sleepy, but I'm buzzed and twitchy too.  Nasty combination.

This last week I've really slowed down on my novel.  I've been writing less than two thousand words a day.  If I work this lunchtime, tonight before Hubby gets home, and tomorrow morning while the turkey is cooking, I think I can hit the fifty thousand words tomorrow.  I have three thousand four hundred words left to do.  Whether the story will be finished is anyone's guess but I'm thinking there will be more to write.  I'm going to dive straight in to the big finish and worry about the stuff just before once it's been validated.  It's way easier to write for my main character because she's more me than any other character.  The last chunk of the story will be from her point of view, a crisis, then an aftermath, then a resolution.

NaNoWriMo novel length validation starts on Thursday and I want my winner's icon and certificate!  I'm taking Friday off from novel writing.  I've got a bedroom to move into, a wardrobe to build, and a sleep debt to cancel.  My story is seventy-three pages long!  Someone referred to it as a book.  I've written a real book.  Can you tell I'm a little brain fried?  (We repainted the front bedroom months ago, this is the first chance we've had to move in.  The wardrobe has been waiting a long time to get built.)

This story has been in the back of my mind since August 2000, that's when the earliest of my notes are dated.  Four years of waiting and one frantic month to write the first draft.  Part of me wants to get a couple of copies of the draft printed up and bound, just a FedExKinko's cheap binding job, one copy to mercilessly red pen, and one to preserve intact.  It'll have my NaNoWriMo certificate and winner's icon in the front, and a copy of my graph details page.  It would be something I could point to and say "See that?  I wrote that novel in one month flat in November 2004."

I'm writing another one next year.

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