Nashville Roadtrip

Hubby and I drove out to Nashville TN on Friday night to stay with Sehlat for the weekend.  Caught the amazing fireworks display from the top of a multi-storey car park, I'd never seen shaped fireworks (heart, star, and a great smiley face) before, or the 3-D firework of a red sphere inside two rings.  Taught Sehlat how to cast on, knit, and purl (but not how to bind off, got to have something to get her to St Louis), lounged in the pool and hot tub, and found two geocaches.

We also squeezed in a trip to Threaded Bliss Yarns!  It was a real treat to see the store and meet Sheila after reading her blog for the last few months and seeing the store come together.  RudyBear was there too, such a sweet dog!  I picked up some Plymouth Sockotta sock yarn and a Kate Gilbert pattern called Joseph.  It's a simple

intarsia hat I can't wait to try, but it has to wait until after I turn the Sockotta into

Sehlat's birthday socks.  The store was wonderful, light and airy, not crowded, and with some great yarns I'd never seen elsewhere, including Soy Silk Phoenix and Berocco Suede.  I'd love to sit by the fireplace and knit away an afternoon.

Came home to a monster storm and the oddest sky I've ever seen.  There was a huge black cloud with sunset red light coming through it, thunder and lightening, heavy rain, a dramatic summer storm.  Managed to get a few pictures, this is the best one:

Stormy sky.

It was a very relaxing trip to see old friends again, meet new ones, and see familiar sights like the Bat Building.  Our first Nashville trip was also our first time in the US, two weeks

around 4th July 1997.  Six years ago this weekend I would never have thought we'd be Permanent Resident Aliens (sings "I'm a legal alien, I'm an Englishman in New York"), home owners and cat owners, living and working in a foreign country.

I want to go back to Nashville!

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