NaNoWriMo week three

Crossed the magic 35,000 work mark on Sunday night, it's all downhill from here.  The story threads are coming together nicely, though my bad guy did something inexplicable again.  He'd demanding a much bigger part than he's supposed to have.  Unplanned things are happening to advance the plot and I like how the story is shaping up.

Hubby has created a legend.  A St Louis writer, Fatebringer, was used as one of the demonstration user IDs for Hubby's word count widgets.  He's gained a cult following, random strangers are tracking his word count and adding him as a writing buddy.

Three of us from the St Louis region invaded that Saturday write-in of the Columbia region, and a good time was had by all.  Excellent fried chicken, friendly word wars, a brilliant waiter, and a brief snow flurry on the way down.  We're currently beating them on words per person in our regional word war.

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