NaNoWriMo 2014 - Week Two

NaNoWriMo lore says that Week Two is an icy blast of cold on Week One's sunny progress. I'm definitely feeling the ill effects of not having a road-map to where this novel is going. Lots of cool characters, but not much idea of things they desperately want.

Saturday 8th
20057 words, 3313 today. Off to the Crooked Tree for a morning's work. Went there a few months back and got asked "What are you doing here? It's not November." Was at 1875 for the day when I left there, want to get over the 20k line today and that's another 1381 away. NaNoWordSprints to the rescue again, 907 words in 5 and 10 minute sprints alone.

Sunday 9th
22115 words, 2058 today.Just under 300 words before church, then I made it over my 2k at the central StLNaNo write-in in Clayton. Turned up at 12:30, left at 4pm. Characters from previous books in this series are turning up uninvited and demanding airtime.

Monday 10th
23990 words, 1848 today. No writing at lunch, did almost all of this after work at the St Louis Bread Company near the karate studio, and some in the lobby of the studio before group class, lesson, and sparring class. It's getting dark at 4:30pm now, which is hard to bear. Didn't quite make my 2k a day bar, but I nailed the NaNoWriMo 1667 words a day.

Tuesday 11th
24520 words, 530 today. Hello week 2 wall, I'm officially stuck. I have a bunch of cool characters but I'm hazy on what a lot of them want other than to be left alone to live their lives.

Wednesday 12th
26374 words, 1854 today. And I'm BACK. I know how to make this story worse for my characters. All of my characters. There will be balance between universes. And explosions. I've burned my buffer of words, but if I can keep my normal 2k a day pace for the rest of the week, I'll be in a good spot.

Thursday 13th
28641 words, 2267 today, and some of those were on a plane. Off work, wrote a little before my haircut and more after at home. Flying out to San Francisco for the Night of Writing Dangerously! After 11 years doing NaNoWriMo and ten completed novels, this is our first time at the NoWD. I'm writing the biggest character in St Louis into my story, the Gateway Arch, and it will play a big part in the story. Such a late night, didn't get into the hotel till past 2am Central time, midnight Pacific time.

Friday 14th
30650 words, 2009 today. No snow in San Francisco, it's WARM here. T-shirt in the street warm, unlike the freezing temperatures and snow in St Louis. Wandered around downtown before heading out to Oakland and the Office of Letters and Light on the Bart train. Paul went next door to talk tech with the resident geek, Dave. I sat at the back of the office writing at the break table, after checking out the conference room with the official board member Viking helmets (to be worn when decisions are made). Left them a hedgehog drawing for the wall, and got a ride back to the Bart station with Sarah and Shelby, leaving Shelby the sole American in the car. Finished up the days word count in a cafe off Montgomery Street, we walked all over the world today. FitBit says over five miles. Put together the second regional stats update, St Louis region is over 9 million words so far.

Daily updates over on the NaNoWriMo 2014 daily diary.

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