NaNoWriMo 2014 - Week One

Week One is where you ride the wave and stack up as many words as you can in preparation for the cold shock of the dreaded Week Two. I realised this week if I finish book 4 of my trilogy (and then go back and finish the story for book #2), I'll have over 200,000 words of this series. And if I finish this, my tenth NaNoWriMo novel, I'll have written as many words as are in Tolstoy's War and Peace, something I use for software testing because it is so long.

Saturday 1st
3077 words. 615 in front of the light box in the morning feels like a good start, over the 2k mark at Crooked Tree in St Charles after working in Stone Spiral during knit group, finished up at home after some Ubuntu work on my Alienware laptop (yay for bootable Linux installs). We are blessed with five weekends this NaNo year!

Sunday 2nd
5312 words, 2235 today. Testing Scrivener's Mac/Windows file compatibility today, I need the dual boot Win7/Ubuntu Linux machine with me instead of my trusty MacBook Pro. Thank goodness for the 32Gb thumb drive, I can throw everything on that and work wherever. This also proved that Scrivener files work on both Mac and Win7. Two characters decided to have lunch. One of them didn't exist yesterday. It's starting to look like I have a story to tell.

Monday 3rd
7351 words, 2039 today. Off-site at a client office, with one of those working lunches, came home exhausted and cancelled karate for the night. Pro tip: if your meeting room is the temperature of an icebox, people are probably not paying attention. Having trouble making the word count.

Tuesday 4th
9707 words, 2356 today.This was a hard day to get work done. Wrote a little before work, more at lunch while fixing a co-worker's knitting skills, and ground out the last bit at home. I feel woefully under-plotted for this story but things are happening I didn't expect. Went out and voted, so I have retained my right to complain about the results, and even got to use the newfangled touchscreen voting booth.

Wednesday 5th
12262 words, 2555 today. Crossed the 10k mark before work and earned another NaNoWriMo badge on my profile. 25k here I come! Planning to write in St Louis Bread Co before karate and hopefully knock out the second thousand words for the day with a character that's verbally sparring with her counselor/interrogator. Ended up doing a little in the karate studio between group class and my private lesson.

Thursday 6th
14532 words, 2270 today. Eight hundred words at lunch in the quietest conference room at work. Skipped ahead to a different character and got to pull in some work from my 2009 novel. Left a note for myself to go update that novel to match the current one, removing an explicit date reference to 2009 and replacing it with "early twenty-first century." And Yellow Cat, the mammoth orange tabby that we were feeding at our old house, has now turned up in his third novel. Cats hold the secret. Brought in the big guns and started following @NaNoWordSprints on Twitter, first sprint got me 455 words.

Friday 7th
16744 words, 2212 today. Made it over the thousand mark during lunch, characters are turning up in other character's scenes and causing trouble. Wonderful, word-count-inflating trouble. I'm wondering if I can break the 20k barrier this weekend, there's nothing planned except write-ins.

Daily updates over on the NaNoWriMo 2014 daily diary.

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