NaNoWriMo 2014 - Week Four

Took some drastic steps to get to the end of my story, I left it a bit over the halfway point and jumped ahead to the final scene, wrapping up a four-book series.

Saturday 22nd
45043 words, 2212 today. Planning to catch up to my original 2k a day goal today, nearly made it last night. Got some work done in the Crooked Tree write-in, more at home while it was raining hard, with a cat on my lap. Loving that the NaNoWriMo funding graph only has 2 unfilled books, the $1.2m and the fully-funded $1.3m. Would love to see those completed by month end, donate today!

Sunday 23rd
46545 words, 1502 today. Horrible rainy grey day, perfect for staying inside. Got over the thousand mark before dinner, character threads are converging nicely.

Monday 24th
46691 words, 146 today. Tired, got sent home by my instructor with no sparring after a (hopefully) minor ankle injury from skidding on a wet grocery store floor yesterday.

Tuesday 25th
46978 words, 287 today. Assembling a bucket of scenes to work from, looking for the ending. I think I have some endings, but they're still a way away from here. I'm going to write some of the later scenes and skip ahead.

Wednesday 26th
49032 words, 2054 today. Wrote the final scene for my four-part series. I'm missing about 20 scenes before I can officially consider this thing done, but I have an ending for two of my main characters (three if you count the cat, and the cat is crucial). I'm working backwards and it's showing me what needs to go in the space in between. Also today it snowed.

Thursday 27th
50464 words, 1432 today. Happy Thanksgiving! Crossed the 50k mark with the scent of roasting turkey wafting through the house and my faithful cat by my side. I have at least 17 more scenes to write, which could each be a thousand words, so I'm not done yet, but I'm filling in the gap between the middle and the end now. I love my series ending. But for now, I can knit again, and read. Snow still on the ground.

Friday 28th
Took the day off writing, ate turkey leftovers for 2 meals, started knitting an orange hat, relaxed at home with the husband.

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